Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi everyone, this is probably my last post, i decided to close the blog.
I need a break from blogger, i won't be posting anymore.
I won't delete the blog, it will stay open in case that anybody want the downloads from here.
I will keep contact with people like Cody, Mikael, Jordan, Max, and another bloggers.
Hope everyone's doing okay.
Godd Luck,

You should visit this webs for more Ash info: - - - - HSM2 Mania

Friday, January 11, 2008

Exclusive: "I Learned From You" - Miley Cyrus [New Version]

miley cyrus

DL: Miley Cyrus - I Learned From You [Solo Version]

Here's a new track from the Bridge To Terabithia Soundtrack.


*If you took the link, please credit Ashley Tisdale Fan Blog*

He Said She Said [Jack D. Elliot Remix][Clip]

He Said She Said pic 28

Here is a 30 second clip of the previously unreleased
"He Said She Said" remix by Jack D. Elliot.
The full-length remix will be featured on the "Not Like That" maxi single.
Jack also remixed "Be Good To Me" along with "So Much For You".
He created the "Intro" track from Ashley's "Headstrong" album as well.

More News...

Ashley on the cover of Bop Magazine, along with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale will make her feature film debut

In 20th Century Fox's adventure comedy "They Came From Upstairs."

John Schultz is directing with Barry Josephson producing.

Click HERE to read the Full Article [Hollywood Reporter]

More info on the movie here.

Click HERE to hear Ashley hosting a 97.1 radio yesterday.

Thanks to Fallen Media Forever for the info and Nadia for upload it.

Edited: On January 12th, Ashley will be counting down her Top 20 songs

live during XM Radio's 20on20 program. The event will last 2-hours.

Ashley went shoppingat Urban Outfitters in Studio City, California.

Thanks and for the pics.

Click HERE for More Pics [MissTisdale Gallery]

Read the post under this one for more news!

Updates And Media

Click on the image to go to and read the whole News column.
It's full of great notices!

Recently, Yahoo! Music premiered the music video for "All For One (Remix)" from the High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party remix CD.

All For One (Remix)
• Size: 11.5 MB
• Length: 04:35
• Credit: Ashley-T.Com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome To The New A.T.F.B

Hi guys, Welcome to the new Ashley Tisdale Fan Blog.
I decided to change the blog's look today some hours ago
That's why i made it private for a while, but don't worry, it's back!
Tomorrow i will be posting news and maybe somethings to download.
Also, the new banner was made by Miakel from Fallen Media Forever.
Thanks Mikael! Keep Comin Everybody!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Help Me Guys!

Ok, so my friend is participating in a contest to be a junior model. All you have to do is click HERE to enter the site and then click on "Vota Por Ella"

It's under the photos she uploaded for the contest. Please guys, help her! Is kinda her dream!

You can vote more than one time, so save the link and enter every once ! Thanks!



New Photoshoots & More

Thanks to, here it's "Don't You Think I'm Hot" by Jennifer Tisdale.
It's Ok, but Ashley is way better.
Download The Track: HERE
Here's one pic from from Ashley's promotional billboard for red by Marc Ecko featuring JoJo and Vanessa Hudgens in Times Square, New York City.
See more pictures HERE [External Link -]

The 4 pics ahead are from Dan Kulu (2007). Thanks

Want More? Click HERE [External Link -]

Sunday, January 6, 2008

HSM2 OST [Hindi Version]

Hi everyone, so here's an unsual post. It's the Hindi Version of the HSM2 Soundtrack.

Download track by track via mediafire here:

CD 1

01 - All For One (Aaja Nachle)

02 - High School Musical 2 - Ud Chale

03 - Chhoti Si

04 - All For One (Aaja Nachle) (DJ Suketu Mix)

05 - Ud Chale (DJ Suketu Mix)

06 - Chhoti Si (DJ Suketu Mix)

CD 2

01 - Kya Mast Hai Life

02 - Fabulous

03 - Kuchh Kar Le Aao

04 - Dhun Teri Hai Saanson Mein

05 - Main Naachoon Na

06 - Dhun Teri Hai Saanson Mein (Sharpay Version)

07 - Mujhe Jaana Hoga

08 - Yeh Vaada Hai

09 - Rozaana

10 - Ek Hain Hum

Credits: Mp3Nation



I still support Ashley no matter what, i love her!

A lot of rumors are going around, sayin' that Ashley's nose job

Could be the end of her Successful career.

I'm so sick of them! I don't care if she got a nose job or not, she's still the same Ashley!

She's still talentous and a great actress and singer.

I'm not posting nothing new these days, due to the fact

"There's Nothin' About Ashley", at least not for now.

And i completly understand her. She's still recovering from the operation.

I hope you guys support her as i do, cuz she really deserves it.

Peace Out,


Be Good To Me [Jack D. Elliot Remix]

Be Good To Me Pic  #4

Ok, so someone requested the Be Good To Me Remix
That plays automatically everytime you enter the blog.
Here it is: Download Enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2008


High School Musical 3 was expected to start shooting in January, but the recently-closed location deal in Utah indicates that April 21 is when the cameras will start shooting. Based on the documents filed with the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development board (GOED), Utah will again be the setting for Disney's much awaited third installment. Filming is set to begin from April 21 and is expected to be wrapping up by June 13, with a theatrical release sometime in the second half of 2008.
Source: &

"High School Musical Non Stop Party" debuted at #68 on Billboard 200.

Also, HSM2 OST stays at #11 and HSM OST at #60.

On Monday night on Radio Disney, Ernie D. and Blake counted down the most requested songs of 2007. Ashley was featured in some tracks, like "Fabulous" and "Be Good To Me". Click here to view the complete list. Thanks for the info!

Click HERE to read an article about Ashley's nose job on CBS News.

High School Musical 2: Around The World [Online Video]

Click HERE if you can't see the embed video.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Banner!

Ashley Tisdale

Hi guys, just wanted you to see the new banner!

It was made by my best friend, who wants to keep her identity secret.

She's "Ggirl". Don't u like the banner? Well, i love it!

Keep comin' please!

Needin' Your Help!

Ashley Tisdale

Hi guys, please i really need your help!

Ashley Tisdale Fan is #461 of 512 on

I would appreciate very much if you visit my site

every once in the day, until i get the first place. is like a ranking of the most visited blogs just in Peru.

Ashley Tisdale Fan entered the first week at #461.

Please help me, this is very important to me!


About the lack of updates, i'm not posting anything cuz there's nothing new about Ashley right now.

Repost: There's Something About Ashley [Ipod Format]

Ok, so here's the Headstrong Trilogy for your ipod [once again]
I hope this links works. Enjoy!
He Said, She Said:
Not Like That:
Credit: Kevin & Timmy from Spill It Now! Forums
Download The Full Trilogy Together: HERE
Thanks to Tony & Jordan.